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Heide HackworthSince Heide first tried her hand at photographing native flowers back in the late 90's she was told 'these would look great on greeting cards.'  This was the seed of an idea to found Earth Greetings in 2003 as a way to showcase her nature photography and artwork on to Earth friendly cards.

Moving from the camera to mixed media, Heide has designed many ranges for Earth Greetings over the years but as her business has grown she now collaborates with other artists to share the creative workload. Heide now puts her artistic focus into the annual 'Peace On Earth' Christmas range which supports her favourite charity Trees For Life, and the My Earth Children and Baby range for which she references childhood nostalgia from the 70's.  She also loves to splash a bit of watercolour around, producing artwork which features her favourite Australian birds and animals.  Heide seeks to raise appreciation of the personality and beauty of Australian nature in her artwork, to inspire others to protect it.  This has always been important to her.

"Producing artwork remains 'the fun part' of running my business and I hope to continue to have a hand in it. But it also gives me a total buzz to collaborate with other artists and I love designing 'the technical bits' of stationery.  Seeing a diary or journal go from the computer screen to something truly beautiful you can hold in your hands which is Earth friendly and useful at the same time, is extremely rewarding for me."