Why we're supporting Save The Bilby Fund this Easter

Author: Heide Hackworth   Date Posted:9 March 2021 

Want to help save the bilby? Bilbies were once widespread throughout Australia, their numbers are in decline, and they need our help!

Have you ever seen a Bilby in the wild? Me neither. And if you have, you’ve been very lucky!

This is because introduced predators like feral cats and foxes, as well as habitat change, has decimated Bilbies in huge numbers. If this continues, sadly Bilbies are headed for extinction.

The good news is that Bilbies are a fast breeding animal and are superbly adapted to survival in our harsh outback. So their odds of recovery are really good!

Save the Bilby Fund are hard at work co-ordinating a national Recovery Plan to save Bilbies. Along with other stakeholders all over Australia, they are breeding these adorable creatures in captivity, and releasing them inside Currawinya National Park, where they’re able to live safely behind a predator proof fence.

And that’s where our Bamboo Bilby comes in!

For every Bamboo Bilby sold, Earth Greetings donate $1 to Save the Bilby Fund, to help them achieve their national Bilby Recovery Plan.

With the resources available to it, Save the Bilby Fund is doing everything in its power to help save this precious marsupial of the Australian outback. The Fund is responsible for co-ordinating the national Recovery Plan for the species. Without this type of informed management of the wild, captive and semi-captive populations, Bilbies are at risk of becoming extinct.

Save the Bilby Fund relies on donations, and has no recurrent funding from any source, including the government.

You can read more about the wonderful work of Save The Bilby Fund here. Thank you for helping us save the Bilby this Easter.


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