Our Artists

Amber Somerset - 1049 Dreams

Amber Somerset is the artist behind 1049 Dreams. Based in Melbourne, she creates mystical, dreamy artworks with earthy tones that brings out and celebrates the spiritual side of Australian native wildlife. 1049dreams.shop

Andrea Smith

Andrea Smith is a Sydney-based illustrator whose charm-filled, hands-on work recalls a lost innocence rarely seen in today’s fast-paced times. Hers is a world rich in storytelling; each illustration drawing the viewer in to take a closer look, resulting in an unexpected (yet always welcome) ‘smile in the mind.’ With her exquisite attention to detail, skill and acute capability to bring any given brief to life, Andrea is highly sought after by a wide variety of clients. From the ‘larger’ jobs to the ‘smaller’, Andrea works across a broad range of mediums to ensure that each piece has its own unique ‘voice’; the only commonality an inspired sense of discovery in every detail. Having studied both fashion and design, Andrea’s handmade collages are often assembled from her large collection of hand painted papers, giving new life to forgotten tactile beauty. It’s this one-of-a-kind charm seen throughout Andrea’s illustrations - whether collage, watercolour, screen printing, line drawing or painted work - that capture the imagination and give it flight in ways that words often can’t. Andrea Smith on Instagram

Claire Ishino

Claire Ishino creates joyful artworks inspired by botanical forms, pattern and colour that lift your spirits and fill your home and heart with happiness. She loves connecting with people and listening to their stories, and often uses the shapes and forms of flowers and leaves as visual metaphors to express different thoughts and feelings or to convey messages. Claire works from her home-studio in Adelaide and produces original gouache or acrylic paintings and black and white ink drawings. She enjoys exhibiting her work through local galleries and at design events such as Bowerbird and the Finders Keepers. Claire’s work is informed by several years she spent living and working in Japan, surrounded by beautiful colours and textures of Japanese washi paper, kimono fabrics, kabuki costumes and woodblock prints. Her works are happy, graphic florals with sometimes surprising colour combinations, clean lines and attention to details reflective of her background in jewellery design. More recently Claire is inspired by the things closest to home - native plants and flowers observed in her surrounding environment. www.claireishino.com

Domica Hill

My name is Domica Hill or as my Dad has always called me ‘Meeka. ' My studio/shop is respectfully located on Gubbi Gubbi Country in the Sunshine Coast. 

 I am a proud pakana woman from lutruwita (Tasmania).

 I am a Contemporary Aboriginal Artist and began painting more as a way of healing after the loss of my first luwutina (child), a little girl named Briar. My studio in Caloundra is named after her, Briar Blooms.

 Originally a secondary school teacher, I'm now finding my path exploring symbols and stories from past ancestors. I continually learn, combine my knowledge, talent and life experiences and extend them into my work. My style is contemporary and vibrant combined with some traditional elements. 

I believe our skin colour does not define us, but our history, family, bloodline and experiences are what create our identity. This is expressed deeply through the story work and symbolism in my pieces. briarblooms.com.au

Helen Ansell

WA based artist Helen Ansell has a deep sense of connection with the Australian landscape and refers to the area where she lives outside of Mullewa as her backyard. Helen’s interest in wildflowers has been catalysed by the time she spent as a child on her father’s station collecting native seeds and her experiences growing up in Ululla, a remote Aboriginal community outside of Wiluna where she learnt the Martu language and often visited country with older women. Helen’s meticulous brushwork speaks of her love of Australian native flora and fauna in a celebratory spirit which enlivens the canvas. You can read more about Helen's unique background and see more of her artwork here: www.helenansell.com

Jayne Branchflower

Jayne Branchflower is a textile designer and illustrator from Bellingen, NSW, nestled in Gumbaynggirr Country. With roots in the scenic Yarra Valley, Victoria, Jayne's childhood was a blend of nature's wonders—inspiring organic patterns, vibrant colors, and rich textures that ignited her creativity. After honing her skills in the industry, Jayne boldly ventured to carve her unique style. Today, she collaborates proudly with local and global brands, injecting joy and playfulness into their products. Nature is Jayne's muse, and her Australian flora and fauna connection is a constant well of inspiration. Using a mixture of hand-painted artistry and digital techniques, she creates bright, whimsical designs that capture her creative spirit. jaynebranchflower.com

Natalie Jade

Natalie Jade is an Australian artist with Indigenous roots, that inspire her and naturally and express themselves through her artwork. She originally started as an abstract artist over ten years ago, but now considers herself more of an intuitive artist. The paint creates what it wants itself to be without any pre planning. Born into a family where “paint runs through their veins” she believes art is a journey of self discovery and expression. “In a way I’m letting others have a glimpse into my soul and also discovering who I am along the way.” Natalie has always painted for herself and her own home and has now only started to share herself with the world. ”The purpose of my art is to create something beautiful that has a vibration through the colour and forms to uplift others and their surroundings”. www.nataliejade.com.au

Negin Maddock

Negin Maddock is an illustrator, surface designer, and printmaker from Sydney, Australia. At university she studied mechanical engineering, and later a PhD in biomedical engineering. After completing her PhD, she spent a decade working mainly in the academic sector. In 2014, she made a complete 180 degree career change after having her second child. Negin decided to follow her passion for illustration and printmaking. Negin now designs wallpapers and textiles for the interiors market specialising in bespoke detailed murals, depicting botanical paintings, birds and other animals. In 2017, Negin launched her first wallpaper and textile print collection called “Native Waltz”. The collection celebrates the unique beauty and diversity of Australian native flora and fauna with striking large scale murals all illustrated by hand. Being a scientist, Negin takes a very technical approach to her art making, believing a deep understanding and knowledge of the subject matter are the key to a successful design. www.negindesigns.com

Victoria McGrane

Victoria McGrane produces hand illustrated work inspired by her love of travel, as she explores the amazing landscapes, colours, flora and fauna of Australia. With a sketchbook under her arm and camera at the ready, Victoria observes the beautiful plants, animals, colours and landscapes that cross her path. www.thescenicroutestyle.com

Sarah Allen

Sarah Allen is an illustrator and designer based in Victoria, Australia. The natural world is her biggest inspiration. Through her art, Sarah hopes to share her love of this beautiful planet, with a special focus on Australian flora and fauna. sarahallen.com.au

Rhyia Dank - Nardurna

Ryhia Dank is a contemporary Aboriginal artist who grew up in a remote community and now lives in modern Australia. "My paintings are storywork. Gudanji/Wakaja people told stories through pattern and design - I call my storying: nardurna. The three lines in my brand are to acknowledge the three woman who came from the ocean near Ngukurr in the Gulf of Carpentaria. They travelled a long way and then created the place of my family, the hills and fresh water Country." https://nardurna.com/

Vickie Liu - Studio Kaka

Vickie Liu is a Sydney-based artist who loves to create vibrant and detailed artworks inspired by the beauty of nature, in particular, Australian natives and florals. The name ‘Studio KaKa’ is based on Vickie’s Chinese name, KaKa. She originally trained as an architect and has since rediscovered her passion as a fine artist. You will typically find her at the flower markets looking for inspiration for her still life paintings, working on wildlife-inspired illustrations, outdoors painting landscapes or painting private commissions. Her work is an expression of her love for nature, a reflection of everyday encounters and the change in seasons. She is always looking to capture these moments of beauty and share them through her detailed and colourful works. Vickie predominantly works with acrylic on stretched canvas, but also creates works on paper using gouache or watercolour. www.studiokaka.art