Behind the Designs: An Interview with Botanical Illustrator Jayne Branchflower

Author: Rebecca Robinson   Date Posted:14 June 2024 

Jayne Branchflower's artistic journey began amidst the breathtaking landscapes of the Yarra Valley, Victoria, where nature's organic patterns and colours sparked her creative spirit from a young age.

With a Bachelor of Arts in Textile Design from R.M.I.T University and a career that spanned continents, Jayne's passion for artistic expression flourished.

Her creative process, inspired by bushwalks and the beauty of local flora, reflects her deep connection to the natural world, creating designs that resonate with both heart and sustainability. Today, she brings her love for Australia's native flora to life through her intricate botanical illustrations, and we are delighted to have collaborated with Jayne on our latest range of Earth-friendly greeting cards and stationery.

We had the pleasure of catching up with Jayne to talk about her creative process and her experience collaborating with Earth Greetings. We hope you enjoy our little chat. To see the new Earth Greetings and Jayne Branchflower collaboration click here.

Can you share with us a bit about your journey as an artist and how you discovered your passion for painting?

Most of my family are creative in various ways, and growing up in the bush was both inspiring and remote. My sibling and I spent a lot of time exploring the wilderness, painting, and drawing. My mum, who was a graphics teacher before becoming a tattoo artist, always had us involved in different art projects and activities. It was an amazing way to grow up, surrounded by nature and creativity.

Could you walk us through your creative process when designing a new range of greeting cards for Earth Greetings?

I usually come up with ideas while strolling through the Australian bush, photographing various flowers and plants to draw inspiration from later on. After gathering these references, I typically start with a quick sketch before getting the paints out. I often use gouache because I love its brightness and the way it allows me to achieve both opaque and transparent layers. Once the painting is complete, I scan the artwork and add further details in Photoshop or Procreate. It's incredibly exciting to see something come to life from an initial idea to a finished piece. The real thrill comes when I see Earth Greetings' final products in stores, featuring my designs. It always gives me a buzz to see my work out in the world, knowing it started from a simple walk in the bush.


Jayne Branchflower


Your designs often feature intricate botanical illustrations. What inspires your choice of subject matter?

I've always loved flowers! With a surname like Branchflower, it feels like I was practically born to illustrate them. Flowers have a way of brightening the world, and there's something truly magical about painting them and creating art that lasts. I've always been especially drawn to Australia's unique flowers; their beauty, diversity and delicacy always inspires me. Through my illustrations, I aim to capture that magic and share it with others, bringing a bit of lasting brightness to the world.

Is there a particular place or environment that you find most inspiring or conducive to your creativity? Can you describe it for us?

I recently lived in the Central Coast, NSW, where the area thrived with an amazing variety of native plants, including banksias, little pockets of Waratahs, beautiful flannel flowers, bottle brush, and a large selection of orchids. I'm currently missing the huge variety of coastal flowers, as I've recently moved to Bellingen, which has more of a tropical rainforest climate. Still some amazing flora and fauna here, it’s just different.

We love the way you incorporate a lot of vibrant colours into your work. How do you choose your colour palette?

I really love expressing myself through colour! It makes me happy and brightens my day. I enjoy exaggerating the existing colours of flowers and leaves, adding some hits of contrast to make them pop. For me, it's all about experimenting and not being afraid of colour. You can recolour the same design in a completely different palette, and it will convey a totally different emotion or mood, which I find fascinating.



As an artist, how do you balance staying true to your personal style while also meeting the needs of a brand like Earth Greetings?

To be honest, Earth Greetings was just a perfect collaborating match. I've always been drawn to Australian native flora and fauna, and Earth Greetings is a brand I've admired for many years. My personal style works well with the brand, and it's a relationship where I feel I can be myself without having to morph into something I'm not. Earth Greetings values and honours my style, making it a dream come true to collaborate and such a pleasure to work together.

How do you see the role of greeting cards in today's digital age, and how do you think your designs contribute to that?

A handwritten card has always been essential for connecting with others and sharing memories and words. Now, as everyone becomes more distant, it's even more important to bridge that gap with personal, heartfelt messages.

Lastly, what's next for you as an artist, and do you have any upcoming projects or collaborations we can look forward to?

There are a few exciting collaborations in the works that I’m desperate to spill the beans about, but unfortunately my lips are sealed till the release! It’s been exciting to see the recent collaboration I did for Earth Greetings though. In addition I hope to start planning for an online shop where I sell original artwork, prints and a small selection of products. So many exciting things on the horizon. 


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