Furoshiki Gift Wrapping with a Tea Towel

Author: Rebecca Robinson   Date Posted:14 May 2024 

If you are looking for an eco-friendly solution for wrapping gifts or just want to make wrapping gifts quick and fun, then we’ve got a feeling you’re going to love furoshiki.


The ancient art of Japanese Furoshiki gift wrapping has become quite popular in the West in recent years, which may be a result of the rising efforts and consciousness that we have for eco-friendly living and sustainability. While we do offer our own 100% recycled, Planet-friendly wrapping paper here at Earth Greetings, we are big fans of furoshiki too. We love that furoshiki can be done with pretty much any piece of fabric, and can be reused again and again. Plus if you choose to wrap with a beautiful tea towel or cute scarf you’re gift becomes two in one!

How to Furoshiki Gift Wrapping

While furoshiki can be done using pretty much any piece of fabric that you have on hand, we do find it works wonderfully with tea towels, especially our certified organic ones (we may be a little biased) as they are sustainably made, strong and add a little extra protection for your gift. In this guide, we’ll go through how to wrap a gift using the furoshiki method, with our Organic Cotton Tea Towels. 

What is Furoshiki Wrapping?

Furoshiki is a traditional Japanese wrapping cloth that has been around for over a thousand years. These traditional cloths were typically made of silk or cotton, and were used to wrap gifts and safely transport goods with a combination of folds and knots. These days furoshiki is associated with any piece of fabric that is used to wrap a gift.

Benefits of Furoshiki Wrap

So why should we choose furoshiki to wrap our gifts? When it comes to thoughtful, feel-good giving furoshiki ticks all the boxes:

1. Eco-Friendly wrapping paper alternative: Disposable plastic makes us sad and so does unconsciously produced paper, especially when it has such a short life span. Even the most carefully unwrapped paper can only be reused so many times. Furoshiki offers a plastic free solution that can be reused over and over again. What to make your wrapping even more earth-friendly? Choose Planet-loving, Australian Certified Organic Tea Towels like ours. 

2. Aesthetically Pleasing: It can be tricky when we want to be more sustainable, but we still want the recipient of our gift to have the pleasure of unwrapping it. With furoshiki you can be confident that your gift will look beautiful without compromising your values.

3. More flexible than paper: Have you got an odd shaped gift to wrap? Wrapping anything that is not cube shaped in wrapping can be a real headache, but this is not the case with furoshiki. By using a fabric instead of paper you can easily wrap all sorts of shapes, like a mug, a candle or a bottle of wine.

4. A gift in itself: Instead of wrapping up a lovely tea towel or scarf in paper, consider using it to wrap another item. This way you can delight the receiver with two gifts in one. All of our tea towels feature colourful, Australian botanical artwork, making them a stunning wrapping alternative as well as a beautiful gift.


Furoshiki Gift Wrapping

Step-by-Step Guide to Furoshiki Gift Wrapping with a Tea Towel


Furoshiki Materials:

1 x Tea Towel
1 x Gift

Steps To Furoshiki Gift Wrap

1. Step 1: Place the Towel Diagonally
Lay your tea towel flat and face-down with one corner pointing towards you. This will create a diamond shape.

2. Step 3: Position the Gift
Place your gift in the centre of the tea towel. Ensure that there's enough fabric on all sides to cover the gift.

3. Step 4: Fold the Bottom Corner
Fold the bottom corner up to cover the gift. Adjust it to your desired height, leaving some excess fabric at the top.

4. Step 5: Fold the Top Corner
Now, fold the top corner down to meet the bottom corner, covering the gift completely. Secure it with a double knot.

5. Step 6: Adjust and Fine tune
Gently adjust the folds and corners to achieve a neat and polished look. Don't be afraid to get creative with different wrapping styles, as furoshiki allows for various techniques.

6. Bonus tip: Add your card or a flower
Tuck in a greeting card or a little sprig of lavender or rosemary under the knot (no tape or string required). This will have such a big impact when someone receives this gift, showing that you truly care and put a lot of thought into this gift.

Our Certified Organic Cotton Eco-Friendly Tea Towels

If you are on the look out for tea towels that are a little extra special, you are in luck as we offer a beautiful range of tea towels. Here’s what makes them so special:

1. Organic Cotton: Earth Greetings tea towels are made from ACO Certified Organic cotton, ensuring that no harmful chemicals were used in their production. This means your furoshiki wrapping is not only sustainable but also safe for you and the environment.

2. Printed in Australia: Supporting local businesses and reducing carbon emissions is important. Our tea towels are digitally printed in Australia, contributing to the local economy and reducing the environmental impact of long-distance shipping.

3. Water-Based Ink: Earth Greetings commitment to eco-friendliness extends to the printing process. We use water-based ink, which is not only environmentally responsible but also produces vibrant and long-lasting colours on the tea towels. So your furoshiki tea towel wrapped gift will look good long after they’ve been gifted.

4. Giving back to the planet: 10% of the profits from every tea towel purchased is donated to helping wildlife. In addition to this every order grows a tree for life through our partnership with Trees for Life.


Shop Organic Cotton Tea Towels


In Conclusion

Furoshiki is not just a fun and easy way of wrapping gifts, it's a statement of conscious living and thoughtful giving. With its eco-friendly appeal, aesthetic charm, and flexibility in wrapping various shapes, furoshiki offers a delightful alternative to traditional wrapping paper. By choosing certified organic tea towels like ours, you not only elevate your gift presentation but also contribute to sustainability efforts. Each wrapped gift becomes a beautiful expression of care for both the recipient and the planet. So, let's wrap our gifts with love, style, and sustainability, one tea towel at a time.

Have you tried furoshiki? Let us know in the comments.



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