How to use a planner to check in with your intentions

Author: Rebecca Robinson   Date Posted:21 June 2022 

How do you use a planner to set intentions for the new year?

A new year is a great opportunity to take time out for ourselves and set our intentions.

If you haven’t had a chance to set your intentions for this year, don’t worry! You can work through the intention section at the start of your planner anytime you wish and we have included monthly intention pages so you can keep checking in throughout the year as well.
If you have never tried intention setting we highly recommend starting now. But what are intentions exactly, and how can we bring them into our lives for our greater health and happiness?
Intentions put simply, are the things we want, and intention setting is a valuable tool that can help us achieve those things and live our best life.
Internationally renowned author and speaker Dr. Wayne Dyer tells us that “Our intention creates our reality”, and in his book of ‘The Power of Intention’ Dyer explains that intention is a force we all have within us.
Intentions needn’t be grand or vague, in fact the more specific and crystal clear you are about your intentions the better. You may want to improve a specific health concern, add or drop a habit, attract a new job or partner, the possibilities are endless.
“With intentionality we can choose our thoughts, which create our beliefs regarding happiness, and create action steps to actually make those things happen.” Libby Wilson M.D.


Monthly intention ritual.
At the beginning of each month set aside some beautiful quiet time to spend with your planner, around 15 - 30 minutes. You might like to light a candle or prepare a delicious hot beverage.
Take a few deep breaths to centre yourself in the present moment and think about something you really want in your life. If you could make some changes in your life to improve your wellbeing what would they be?
Pick 1 to 3 intentions to focus on and write them in your planner, in the space provided on your monthly start page. 
After this you may also like to write down something you are grateful for in order to feel some additional positivity.
It is great to check back in with these intentions regularly throughout the month to remind you what is important and help you turn those thoughts and wishes into actions and make your dreams your reality.
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