Save The Koala Month - Every Order Helps Koalas

Date Posted:31 August 2022 

Want to help koalas in Australia? Support Save The Koala Month. $5 from every order in September will be donated to help koalas.

$5 from every order will be donated to Adelaide Koala & Wildlife Hospital during September.

Koalas have a lot of challenges. Habitat loss, cars, climate change and diseases have all impacted koalas, and they have even been declared an endangered species in some states of Australia. The good news is that it's not too late to help koalas. This is why we support the Adelaide Koala & Wildlife Centre during Save The Koala Month.

$5 from every order in September will be donated to the Adelaide Koala & Wildlife Centre, to help them rescue, treat and release koalas back into the wild, which helps to ensure their survival.

Here’s what our founder Heide has to say about her love of our furry icons and why we support Save the Koala Month.

“I've always been fascinated by koalas, and growing up in the Adelaide foot-hills I was often on a mission to spot one high in the old gum trees nearby. Koalas rely on particular gum leaves they like best as food. As humans take away more of their tree food and habitat, koalas are in real trouble.

The thought of losing our unique icons is just so sad to me, and representative of the challenges facing all wildlife. I believe it's so important for all native species that we protect the habitat koalas rely on.

As humans encroach further into koala territory, we can't look away. We should be compelled to assist wildlife injured due to human activity such as climate change, habitat loss, car accidents and dog attack. That's why we support the Adelaide Koala & Wildlife Centre during Save The Koala Month."


Adelaide Koala & Wildlife Centre is a not for profit organisation and their treatment and rehabilitation services rely solely on the generosity and support of others.

Adelaide Koala & Wildlife Centre's main goal is to treat, rehabilitate and release koalas and wildlife that may have become injured, ill or orphaned from their natural environment. Where appropriate, they may also need to arrange long term care for animals which can’t be released directly back into the wild.

Some of the services the team of vets and volunteers at the Adelaide Koala & Wildlife Centre provide include:

Testing for and treating chlamydia - a bacterial infection that can cause a multitude of inflammatory diseases. After establishing that it is in the best interest of the koala to treat their infection, the koala will receive antibiotics with close monitoring for the next two weeks.  Hopefully ending with releasing the koala free from infection, back into the Adelaide hills or surrounding suburbs.

Treating koalas and other wildlife during hot weather events and bushfires - common in koala habitat over the South Australian summers. It's worth noting that on a hot day the best way to help koalas and our wildlife is by placing bowls of water out, keeping them topped up and clean, and making sure the animals can come down to drink without any intervention.

Education and awareness programs for school students, carers, veterinary students and the general public, in the belief that knowledge and understanding is an important factor to securing the future of our wildlife.

Aside from saving the lives of our precious wildlife when they are in need, Adelaide Koala & Wildlife Centre supports research into the medical treatments and key health factors for koalas to help ensure their long term survival.

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