Saving our night pollinators

Author: Heide Hackworth   Date Posted:3 February 2020 

Did you know that Flying-Foxes are the ONLY animal that can effectively pollinate the koala's gum trees that only flower at night, when pollinating birds are asleep?

In February 2020, Earth Greetings are donating 5% of all sales this month to the Fauna Rescue Flying-Fox Support Fund to help volunteers care for around 400 heat stressed flying-fox babies.

Sadly, in recent years many Flying-Foxes have not survived our hotter summers, and are now listed as a Vulnerable Species. Due to drought, many Flying-Foxes from the Eastern states have migrated to join Adelaide's Flying-Fox colony. However already this summer, around 10,000 baby bats from this colony have perished due to extreme heat.

A team of specially trained volunteers is caring for hundreds of heat stressed flying fox babies that survived, and need to raise funds to build créche aviaries, provide thousands of kilos of fruit and special protein supplements to save what could be the last of their generation. 

As well as shopping with us in February, if you can donate fruit or funds to Fauna Rescue to help, you will be helping to save a vulnerable species.

Fauna Rescue is a not for profit organisation run by all volunteers and receives no government funding. You can support Fauna Rescue Flying-Fox care with a direct donation and put FFox Fund as a reference, or via their Go Fund Me Page. The Flying-Fox care team are also in need of donations of ripe fruit to feed the hungry bats, so if you are in Adelaide and can spare some fruit please consider a donation.

To learn more about this amazing species and how to donate fruit, visit Adelaide Bat Chat on Facebook.


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