Visiting Trees For Life to see our sponsorship in action!

Author: Heide Hackworth   Date Posted:7 April 2021 

Every order grows a tree for life! Earth Greetings have been sponsoring Trees For Life since 2008, and it's always a pleasure to catch up with the TFL crew and see our donations in action.

Our Communications Manager Rebecca and I caught up with Trees For Life CEO, Natasha Davis and Maureen Mc Kinnie, their Fundraising and Marketing Manager, at the Trees For Life nursery in Brooklyn Park.

Bushwalking and exploring the landscapes of Australia led Natasha to start her Trees For Life journey as a volunteer grower, and now as CEO, she helps turn the environmental ‘big picture’ of Trees For Life into action.

Trees For Life have been around since 1981, and have grown to a vibrant community organisation of 7,000 active supporters. Through conservation, revegetation, community engagement and training programs, Trees For Life encourage all South Australians to value native plants and animals and be actively involved in protecting the land we love, for current and future generations.


"Our people are at the heart of all we do.  We revegetate and protect bushland, farmland and urban terrain. With local knowledge, we raise awareness about native plants and animals. And with experience we empower people to take action and connect with their landscape."


We were delighted to meet the Nursery Manager - aptly named Flora, who oversees the care of the plant 'babies.'

Flora explained that the nursery grows around 200 different indigenous species of trees, shrubs, groundcovers and grasses! It provides an important backup service to the network of volunteer growers, and the network of nurseries run by volunteers.

The native seedlings are sold at a very low price to rural landowners, making it easier for them to play a part in bringing rural landscapes back to life, reducing soil erosion, mitigating carbon and most importantly - restoring habitat for native birds and wildlife.

The nursery also holds native plant sale days so that the general public can have access to a wide selection of indigenous plants perfectly suited to the South Australian climate. I was delighted to be presented with a gift of a selection of native plants and grasses for my own garden.

We can all play a part in protecting the land we love, even if it's in our suburban backyards. With 97% of vegetation cleared in South Australia alone, native trees, shrubs and grasses provide vital food and habitat that native insects, birds and animals need to survive.

Earth Greetings are a perpetual sponsor of Trees For Life, donating 5% of all profit quarterly, enabling us to contribute to a brighter future for wildlife and habitat. Since 2008, our donations have directly enabled Trees For Life to plant over 50,000 trees. It's wonderful to see what our support has helped achieve!

You can also help Trees For Life as a volunteer grower, or support of Trees For Life by becoming a member. Learn more about Trees For Life by visiting

Native pants are vital to our landscapes. They provide habitat for wildlife, provide shelter for stock, hold soil in place and clean our air. By puttinglants back, in time we can hel If build a more resilient environment.

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