Visiting the Tarkine - A Natural Wonderland

Author: Heide Hackworth   Date Posted:2 January 2017 

Earth Greetings founder Heide Hackworth was moved by her visit to The Tarkine, Indigenous name Takayna, Australia's largest area of Gondwanan cool-temperate rainforest, located in north west Tasmania.

I have heard so much about it's wonders - flora and fauna endemic to the forest - and threats - from logging and mining. So it's always been somewhere I have longed to visit.

The Tarkine

You can almost capture the just how green and lush the forest is in photos, but the feeling of actually being there, immersed in it's splendours, is another.

In the Tarkine

The Tarkine provides habitat for over 60 rare, threatened and endangered species. The forest is an important and irreplaceable part of The Tarkine, a 447,000 hectare wilderness area which includes rivers and coastal habitats. 

I walked up to 6 wonderful hours per day through the multi layered canopy of trees including huge, slow growing huon pines filled with birdsong. It's difficult to imagine that any part of this ancient world could be destroyed for profit.

To think environmental groups are still having to fight to save the Tarkine from the constant threat of mining and logging is difficult to comprehend.  If everyone could visit this incredible place just once, we would all be motivated to fight to protect it. You can read more and join the fight to save the Tarkine here.

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