Save The Koala Month

Supporting Adelaide Koala & Wildlife Hospital in September

Koalas face many threats to their survival, including habitat loss and climate change. To add to these dangers, koalas often become injured by dog attacks, or are hit by cars in our suburbs.

Earth Greetings will be donating $5 from every order this September to Adelaide Koala & Wildlife Centre to help them care for sick and injured koalas and wildlife.

Adelaide Koala & Wildlife Centre are a not for profit team of dedicated professionals and volunteers passionate about saving the lives of injured koalas and wildlife. They take in injured or orphaned wildlife with the aim of rehabilitation and release, whilst also participating in a wide variety of educational programs for students, carers, veterinary students and the public.



Adelaide Koala & Wildlife Centre's main goal is to treat, rehabilitate and release koalas and native wildlife that may have become injured or orphaned from their natural environment. Where appropriate, they may also need to arrange long term care for animals which can’t be released back into the wild. Adelaide Koala & Wildlife Centre is a not for profit organisation and their treatment and rehabilitation services rely solely on the generosity and support of others.