Treading Lightly


Treading lightly on the Earth is at the heart of Our Purpose.

Earth Greetings create Australian made, earth friendly cards and gifts to inspire feel good giving. Our purpose is to contribute to a brighter future for wildlife and our planet.


We celebrate nature, whilst treading lightly on our planet and giving back generously.  We collaborate with talented artists who are inspired by our uniquely beautiful Australian native flora and fauna, and sales of our products enable us to donate to organisations that help native wildlife survive habitat loss and climate change.



Earth Friendly Printing

Earth Greetings choose printers who are dedicated to a sustainable printing process. This means ensuring:


Earth Friendly Paper

Earth Greetings choose paper and cardboard which:


Earth Friendly Packaging


Earth Friendly Business

We operate in such a way as to have minimal impact on the Earth’s environment by:


We're Carbon Neutral

Earth Greetings are certified by Carbon Neutral who undertake an annual emissions and waste audit of our entire business operation, including the creation and transport of our products, and delivery of all of our orders. We reduce waste and emissions where possible and for those we can’t, we purchase carbon offsets which are invested in the Yarra Yarra Biodiversity Corridor to help protect and recover declining woodland and shrubland fauna, making us a carbon neutral business.


Every Order Grows A Tree For Life

We the cost to grow a native tree seedling to Trees For Life for every order we send.

Trees for Life is a non-profit organisation dedicated to revegetation and the protection of threatened and valuable bushland habitat in South Australia. Their volunteers are people from all walks of life who have been inspired to "take action for the land they love" through bush care and native tree planting to restore cleared land.Since 2008, we have been donating a portion of profit to Trees For Life enabling them to plant over 50,000 native tree seedlings directly using our donations.

Trees For Life share our goal - to create a brighter future for wildlife and our planet. Every time you order from Earth Greetings, you will be contributing directly toward this brighter future, with a native tree seedling planted for every order placed.


10% For The Planet

To contribute toward a brighter future for wildlife and our planet, Earth Greetings donate over 10% of all profit to organisations caring for wildlife and habitat. Over the 2022 Financial Year, we donated over $33,000 to charity. Some of the organisations we have donated to include:

Adelaide Koala & Wildlife Hospital Treating sick and injured koalas with the aim of returning them to the wild. Earth Greetings have donate 5% of all sales to the hospital in September during Save the Koala Month.

Adelaide Koala Rescue 24 hour rescue service from koalas in South Australia.

Animals Australia Works to protect the most vulnerable and abused animals in our society.

Animal Rescue Cooperative ARC teams support immediate fire and disaster response to help animals. Earth Greetings have sponsored a fire trailer, to help bring water to fire prone areas faster in the 2020 bushfire season.

Australian Wildlife Conservancy is the largest private owner and manager of land for conservation in Australia, protecting endangered wildlife across more than 6.5 million hectares in iconic regions. Recognising that ‘business as usual’ for conservation in Australia will mean additional extinctions, AWC is developing and implementing a new model for conservation.

BirdLife Australia is dedicated to creating a bright future for Australia’s birds.

Bob Brown Foundation In this age of rapid destruction of the biosphere, attended by cynicism and pessimism, Bob's foundation uses ecological reality and optimism to promote real environmental wins protecting ecosystems, species and wild and scenic heritage.

Fauna Rescue of SA Works to Rescue, Rehabilitate and Release. They believe in the successful method of soft release wildlife and always try to release as close as possible to the rescue scene, so that the animal can return to it’s colony.

Friends of the Earth  Friends of the Earth campaign on today's most urgent environmental and social issues.

Nature Conservation Council of NSW  Working towards ending deforestation, marine conservation and improving air quality and clean energy.

The Rescue Collective  A community that supports animal rescue, wildlife organizations and their volunteers across the East Coast of Australia.

Save the Bilby Fund  Save the Bilby Fund aims to secure the long-term future for bilbies in the wild.

Trees for Life Trees For Life is a non-profit community group dedicated to revegetation and the protection of threatened and valuable bushland in South Australia. Earth Greetings sponsorship has directly enabled them to plant over 50,000 native tree seedlings with our donations since 2008.

The Wilderness Society The Wilderness Society is a community-based environmental advocacy organisation whose mission is to protect, promote and restore wilderness and natural processes across Australia for the survival and ongoing evolution of life on Earth.

WIRES WIRES has been rescuing and caring for wildlife for almost 35 years and is the largest wildlife rescue organisation in Australia. Their mission is to actively rehabilitate and preserve Australian wildlife and inspire others to do the same. WIRES have over 3,000 volunteers, 28 local branches, a dedicated Rescue Office that operates 24/7, 365 days a year assisting the community to help native animals in distress. 

World Wildlife Fund Australia Their Koalas Forever plan is to double the number of koalas across eastern Australia by 2050 and give them the chance to thrive. They are engaging in bold and innovative projects including drone seeding to replant and restore koala habitat - connecting a network of wildlife corridors along the east coast to allow koalas to move freely and easily through fragmented landscapes.